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 Price Guide

At Lam Dental Care, one of our mission statements is to care for the entire community.  This means we offer very competitive prices against other private practices as well as compared to the NHS fees to ensure everybody is welcome and does not fear finances when attending Lam Dental Care.  Below are some price guidelines, further services are available. All treatment plans will be discussed in detail and clear prices will be given.  

Current Price guide 

Registered Patients:

Registered Patient Examination:  £45
Radiographs:  £11 each
Toothache Emergency Appointment:  £60

New/Unregistered Patients

New Patient Consultation:  £120

New Patient Toothache Appointment:  £150


Scale and Polish Hygiene Appointment

Scale and Polish Hygiene:  From £60

Periodontal (Gum) Treatment

Periodontal Treatment:  From £60



Amalgam (Metal):  From £75 - £125
Composite (White):  From £85 - £150

Crowns & Veneers

Standard Crown:  From £395
Aesthetic Crown/Veneer:  From £450

Recementing lost crowns: £95



Fixed Bridge:  From £325 per tooth



Partial:  £300

Full Upper OR Lower:   From £350

Full Set Upper & Lower:  From £600

Metal and Flexible:  From £695



Initial Consultation:  £120 (Will be deducted from your final quote)

Implant Restored Teeth:  From £2500


Extractions:  From £80


Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment:  From £295

Teeth Whitening 

Teeth Whitening:  From £275



Teeth Desensitising:  From £15

Temporary Dressing:  From £50

Antibiotics: From £12 per item
Sports Gum Shield:  From £110


Invisalign Consultation: £120 (Will be deducted from your final quote)

Invisalign Go upper and lower: From £2500

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